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11:07 pm: Dodge ball
Just got home from Dodge Ball. Had a blast!!!

Our team needs some practice though... lol... We won about 3 games... That would be good if we only got a few games in but we must have played about 15 to 20 games :P

We need to start catching the ball. We can throw and dodge well but the team kept turning things around on us by catching so much. They had one guy who must have been like 400 lbs and was SO SLOW. We all thought he was going to be an easy person to get out. Turns out the guy could catch almost everything thrown at him and threw the ball like it was a brick. We hopefully will learn quickly. Playoffs start in March.

Oh well... I have to miss the next two games because of my trip but I can't wait for my next one after!!!

My legs feel like painful jelly... I can just tell they are going to be worse when I wake up.

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